Date Description
23-March-2015 The Speedgoat driver library now fully supports MATLAB R2015a. Please contact us for information about upgrading.
21-January-2015 How do our customers use Speedgoat systems? Find out with our new User Stories!
16-October-2014 The latest release of the Speedgoat driver library now fully supports MATLAB R2014b. Please contact us for information about upgrading.
07-October-2014 Upgraded site search - Now you can find what you need with our new, improved search engine. Try it now!
23-September-2014 We're happy to announce a new range of fault insertion modules, specifically designed for HIL testing of safety critical applications. Please check our web page for further information.
18-September-2014 Announcing three new additions to our range of multifunctional, reconfigurable FPGA I/O modules. The IO316, IO317 and IO318 Xilinx Spartan 6 powered I/O modules offer multi-gigabit transceivers and a higher number of I/O lines with a greater choice of options, such as 3.3V / 5V TTL, RS422 and RS485.
30-July-2014 Speedgoat now support FlexRay! Our new, extremely fast and flexible I/O module can be used in all Speedgoat real-time target machines. Please contact us for more information.
07-March-2014 MathWorks announce the release of Simulink Real-Time
05-March-2014 New Speedgoat driver library V8 now available. Please contact us to upgrade.
03-March-2014 New support area with online documentation now live.
09-September-2013 New I/O modules IO755 and IO756 supporting EtherNet/IP Scanner and Adapter are now available.
22-April-2013 Speedgoat now supports ALL reed relay and programmable resistor I/O modules from Pickering such as to simulate sensors having resistor outputs, for example thermistors or temperature detectors (RTDs). Please inquire at Speedgoat for further information.
25-March-2013 New I/O expansion chassis for Performance real-time target machine allows to install up to 18 I/O modules. For further information please inquire.
24-December-2012 New Web Page: Besides a complete new design we hope that this new webpage will provide you with a wealth of valuable information for your next generation designs.
10-December-2012 New Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGA I/O module with 16AD/8DA/16TTL front I/O line support now available. Basemodule: IO331, AD/DA plug-in module: IO331-6, IO331-7
06-December-2012 The IO112 18-bit analog input I/O module now also supports DMA transfer
01-December-2012 New 3rd generation Intel Core i7 3.5 GHz quad core CPU support for the Performance real-time target machine.
20-November-2012 New low latency digital I/O module with 128 digital TTL I/O lines is now available!
15-November-2012 EtherCAT Slave support is now available!

New HIL I/O module simulation support: LVDT/RVDT, Synchro/ Resolver, Encoder, RTD, Programmable Resistors, Reed Relays, and more.

01-April-2012 New fast AD/DA extended (+/- 60V) voltage ranges, 0-25 mA current ranges, and 100mA current load I/O modules now available
08-April-2011 New Automatic HDL code generation for Speedgoat's FPGA-based I/O modules for Real-Time Simulation and Testing on FPGAs
08-April-2011 New Support for cameras based on Camera Link interface and USB webcam support
08-April-2011 New real-time UPD support
08-April-2011 Performance real-time target machine now supports core i5 multi-core CPUs with clock rates up to 3.6GHz
14-March-2011 Mobile real-time target machine now supports dual-core CPUs with clock rates up 2.16GHz
03-January-2011 New 18-bit simultaneous and differential analog input with up to 32 channels fully launched
01-November-2010 Performance real-time target machine now supports installation of up to 17 PCI I/O modules using up to two Performance-IOExpansion chassis
25-August-2010 MathWorks and Speedgoat launch xPC Target Turnkey solution for Rapid Control Prototyping and Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Simulation based on Speedgoat products
03-May-2010 New Performance-IOExpansion option fully launched
Expands the Performance real-time target machine with an additional chassis including support for six additional PCI I/O slots.
27-April-2010 New QAD FPGA code module for Quadrature Decoding (QAD)
The QAD FPGA code module analysis two 90 degrees shifted signal inputs from incremental encoders sensors to determine rotation direction and position.
12-April-2010 New SPI and I2C FPGA code modules
Connect your devices supporting SPI and I2C protocols with Speedgoat real-time target machines
01-March-2010 Education real-time target machine fully launched
Study and teach basic and advanced mechatronic and FPGA design concepts using an industrial-grade target machine available at a price an academic institution can afford
01-January-2010 Raw Ethernet, UDP, J1939, Arinc 429, MIL-STD-1553, Shared Memory, LVDT/RVDT, and Synchro/Resolver support
Speedgoat now also supports and delivers a wide range of I/O hardware supported by the xPC Target driver library
01-December-2009 Audio real-time system and XLR panels fully launched
Highest performance low-noise target machine installed in rack and including XLR panels for analog inputs and outputs
04-September-2009 xPC Target dual core and highest clockrate CPU support (3.33GHz)
Speedgoat now supports CPUs with a clockrate up to 3.33GHz. Furtermore xPC Target now supports dual core CPUs for background tasks.
20-July-2009 New FPGA code modules for pulse train generation and capture
Speegoat extends its offerings for Motion Control by launching pulse-width modulation (PWM), Capture (CAP), and generic digital I/O (DIO) FPGA code modules for its FPGA-based 3xx I/O modules series
01-February-2009 Automation real-time target machine fully launched.
Small and optimized for around-the-clock operation. Ideal to deploy Simulink control designs on a target machine for small to medium quantity production series where it makes sense to use a target machine as finally deployed controller hardware. Easy to mount into cabines and on walls.
01-November-2008 Performance real-time target machine fully launched.
Evolution of the Basic real-time target machine offering a high-quality light-weight aluminium chassis with strong EMI protection, an advanced cooling concept, low noise components, and highest real-time performance.
01-October-2008 Small version of the Modular real-time target machine fully lauched
The small version of the Modular real-time target machine has exactly half the width but otherwise offers the same high quality.
01-July-2008 McLaren Electronics and Red Bull Technology join Speedgoat at the MathWorks Automotive Conference
Together with MacLaren Electronics and Red Bull Technology, Speedgoat presented at the MathWorks Automotive Conference on June 3-4, 2008 in Stuttgart live demos about Simulink-based Rapid Prototyping and HIL.
01-January-2008 MathWorks publishes User Story covering Speedgoat hardware
MathWorks has published a User Storyon an xPC Target based rapid-prototyping application at Husco International, USA where the use of several Classic real-time target machines from Speedgoat played an important role on the overall success.
26-September-2007 Modular real-time target machine fully launched.
This target machine is Speedgoat's machine for large rapid-prototyping and HIL applications. It is based on the industrial-strength 3U CompactPCI standard and can be equipped with up to 13 I/O modules. All components of the Modular machine are of highest quality.
09-July-2007 Basic real-time target machine fully launched.
This target machine is Speedgoat's entry machine. It's the one which comes closest to a standard desktop PC but offers industrial-strength.
29-May-2007 Speedgoat is a MathWorks System Integrator
Speedgoat has just become a MathWorks Partner and a Member of MathWorks' System Integration Program (Connections Program).
20-February-2007 Analog and CAN I/O module sections updated.
We have updated the analog and CAN I/O module sections of our Web site and now offer 7 different analog I/O modules covering most analog application needs as well as an intelligent 2-port CAN I/O module.
01-February-2007 MathWorks stops selling xPC TargetBox® - Speedgoat takes over
Beginning February 2007, xPC TargetBox® is no longer available for purchase from The MathWorks. The MathWorks has partnered with Speedgoat to support existing xPC TargetBox users. Speedgoat provides technical and warranty support for xPC TargetBox® hardware, including return and repairs. xPC TargetBox owners should contact us regarding warranty issues, replacement parts, and repair services. With the Classic real-time target machine we also offer 100% compatible hardware and a wide range of additional functionality.

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