Next Events

Date Title Location
23-April-2015 MATLAB EXPO 2015 India Bangalore, India
28-April-2015 MATLAB EXPO 2015 India Pune, India
12-May-2015 MATLAB EXPO 2015 Deutschland Munich, Germany
21-May-2015 MATLAB EXPO 2015 Korea Seoul, Korea
09-June-2015 MATLAB Conference 2015 Bern, Switzerland
07-October-2015 MATLAB EXPO 2015 UK Silverstone, UK
16-October-2015 MATLAB EXPO 2015 Japan Tokyo, Japan

Past Events


Date Title Location
19-February-2015 Design and Implementation of Control and Signal Processing Systems Hyderabad, India
30-January-2015 Nouveautés MATLAB et Simulink de la version R2014b Toulon, France
11-December-2014 System Modelling and Simulation with Simulink Cambridge, UK

Modeling and Model-Based Control Design with Simulink

Gent, Belgium
Webinars (Recorded, watch 24/7)

Date Title Location
05-March-2015 Physikalische Modellierung von elektrischen Maschinen in Simulink Online (in German)
12-February-2015 Introduction to Model Based Design: Modeling and Simulation with Simulink Online
27-January-2015 Computer Vision Made Easy Online
23-April-2013 Hardware Targets in Simulink - So einfach kann Rapid Prototyping sein! Online, WW
19-February-2013 Developing Multi-Domain System-Level Simulation of Off-Highway Machines Online, WW
14-February-2013 Developing Multivariable Control Systems for Robotics Online, WW
13-February-2013 A Simulink Real-Time Testing Solution for Power Electronics and Motor Control Online, WW
20-December-2012 Modélisation Physique Multi-Domaines avec Simscape Online, WW (in French)
18-December-2012 Simulazione multibody con SimMechanics Online, WW (in Italian)
11-December-2012 Prove your Simulik design with Real-Time Hardware Testing Online, WW
15-November-2012 Model-Based Design of Control Systems Online, WW
10-August-2012 Multivariable Control: Practical Design and Real-Time Implementation Online, WW
07-August-2012 A Simulink Real-Time Testing Solution for Power Electronics and Motor Control Online, WW
14-February-2012 Physical Modeling & Rapid Prototyping with MATLAB and Simulink Online, WW
16-August-2011 Modeling and Testing Hardware in Simulink Online, WW
10-May-2011 Real-Time Testing with FPGA's Online, WW
27-April-2011 Using MATLAB & Simulink for FPGA Prototyping and Verification Online, WW
04-August-2010 Hybrid Electric Vehicle Modeling and Simulation Online, WW
25-July-2010 Real-Time Testing with Simulink and xPC Target Turnkey Online, WW
19-January-2010 Making Control System Development Easier with MATLAB and Simulink (Part 4): Real-Time Testing Online, WW
19-January-2010 Making Control System Development Easier with MATLAB and Simulink (Part 1) Online, WW
Tradeshows and Conferences

Date Title Location
25-March-2015 MATLAB Virtual Conference 2015 Online
04-November-2014 MATLAB EXPO 2014 Italia Milan, Italy
29-October-2014 MATLAB EXPO 2014 Japan Tokyo, Japan
07-October-2014 MATLAB EXPO 2014 United Kingdom Silverstone, UK
02-October-2014 MATLAB EXPO 2014 France Paris, France
10-July-2014 MATLAB EXPO 2014 India Bangalore and Pune, India
09-July-2014 MATLAB EXPO 2014 Deutschland Munich, Germany
04-June-2014 Rapid Prototyping und HiL - Simulation mit Simulink Real-Time Webinar
22-May-2014 MATLAB EXPO 2014 Nordic Stockholm, Sweden
15-May-2014 MATLAB EXPO 2014 Korea Seoul, Korea
13-May-2014 MathWorks Automotive Conference 2014 (Speedgoat to participate) Plymouth, Michigan
17-April-2014 Tout savoir sur la simulation temps réel avec Simulink (avec la participation de Speedgoat) Grenoble, France
17-April-2014 Real-time simulation with Simulink (Speedgoat to participate) Grenoble, France
10-April-2014 "Using Speedgoat Target Computer Hardware for Simulink Real-Time" webinar hosted by MathWorks and Speedgoat Web
06-November-2013 MATLAB and Simulink Conference 2013 Rome, Italy
08-October-2013 MATLAB Expo 2013 Silverstone, UK
20-March-2013 MATLAB Virtual Conference (Online booth), Online, Virtual Conference
05-March-2013 System Modelling and Simulation with Simulink Manchester, UK
20-February-2013 Model-Based Design for Control Systems Gallen, Switzerland
13-February-2013 Design and implement control systems for Space Applications using MATLAB and Simulink Trivandrum, India
05-February-2013 System Modelling and Simulation with Simulink Oxford, UK

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