Speedgoat's solutions for Simulink-based Rapid Prototyping and HIL are used in a wide range of industries. Below you can find a partial list and overview of industry sectors Speedgoat is serving.

  • Automotive

    Passenger cars, trucks, off-highway, construction, agricultural, and racing (Formula 1, NASCAR, …).

  • Aerospace/Space and Defense

    Civil aircraft, military aircraft, military vehicles, unmanned crafts, missiles, satellites, and space crafts.

  • Automation and controls

    Motion control, robotics, industrial control, power and energy systems, sensors and actuator technology, building control, and process machinery.

  • Electronics

    Data storage, printers, multimedia electronics, and ROM production machinery (DVD, Blu-ray).

  • Medical devices

    Hearing aids, bio-medical process machinery, and medical devices (robotics).

  • Green energy

    Solar inverter technology, wind turbines, and alternative-fuel engines.

  • Academia

    Leading universities and research institutes all around the world use Speedgoat real-time systems to verify and test theoretical concepts, to teach students, and to develop new technologies for commercial applications.

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