I/O modules

Speedgoat I/O modules allow you to connect your target machine with your hardware under test. Depending on your project specific requirements, Speedgoat can provide fixed-functionality I/O modules as well as multifunctional, reconfigurable FPGA-based modules.

Configurable FPGA-based I/O modules are typically used to implement:

  • high frequency I/O (PWM, Capture, Quadrature Decoding, ...) and protocol functionality (SPI, SSI, I2C, EnDat 2.2, ...). Such functionality is provided by our FPGA Code Modules
  • control loop algorithms running at highest cycle-rate using the HDL Coder from MathWorks to automatically generate HDL Code from your Simulink application
  • your own HDL code using the FPGA Engineering Kits from Speedgoat
Unless otherwise mentioned all I/O modules are delivered with a pre-wired terminal board, a cable, Simulink Real-Time™ drivers, and Simulink test models.

Most Speedgoat I/O modules are available in PMC and XMC form factors and can be installed in all Speedgoat real-time target machines either natively or with a PMC to PCI or cPCI, or XMC to PCIe carrier. This allows you to use the same I/O module for office, lab, machine cabinet and mobile.

I/O module type Functionality
Analog A/D, D/A, frame support, configurable (FPGA) and fixed functionality
Digital Digital I/O (TTL, LVCMOS, LVDS, RS422, RS485), configurable (FPGA) and fixed functionality
Communications protocols CAN, LIN, SAE J1939
EtherCAT Master, Real-time UDP, Real-time UDP, Raw Ethernet
EtherCAT Slave
Profibus, Profinet, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, POWERLINK, DeviceNet
XCP over CAN or Ethernet
Serial UART (RS232/RS422/RS485)
Configurable FPGAs Speedgoat IP cores:
  • Pulse train (PWM generation and capture, interrupt, negation)
  • Absolute and incremental encoder measurement and simulation (quadrature decoding and SSI)
  • EnDAT 2.2, SSI2, and BiSS encoder measurement
  • SPI Master and Slave
  • I2C Master and Slave
Simulink real-time application execution using HDL Coder
HDL Code integration
Video USB WebCams
Camera Link
LVDT/RVDT/Synchro/Resolver LVDT, RVDT, Synchro, and Resolver measurement and simulation
Shared memory Shared/reflective memory
Temperature measurement Thermocouples
Timing and synchronization PTP (Precision Time Protocol, 1588), GPS, IRIG
Strain and pressure Strain Gauges and pressure sensor
Accelerometer measurement IEPE/ICP
Device simulation Resistor
Reed relay (SPDT, DPST, SPST)
Strain Gauge

It is one of Speedgoat's key competencies to help you select the right set of I/O modules for your specific requirements by making sure that:

  • they have the right characteristics for your application
  • the selected modules lead to the smallest possible latency
  • the Speedgoat Simulink Real-Time™ drivers access the I/O modules in its most efficient and flexible way
  • the I/O connectivity is covered by the smallest possible amount of I/O modules
  • they include the right transceivers for signal connection
We are constantly extending our range of supported I/O connectivity. Please contact us if you can't find what you're looking for.

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