Motion Control FPGA Package

The Motion Control FPGA package extends the Education real-time target machine with an additional I/O module and complementing Speedgoat FPGA Code Modules to study and teach advanced mechatronic.

Key components of the Motion Control FPGA Package

  • Multi-functional motion control I/O module with 64 x 3.3V/5V digital TTL lines and Xilinx Spartan 6 chip with 50k logic cells
  • FPGA Code Module implementation (bitstream) for PWM, Capture, Quadrature Decoding, and generic digital I/O (see below)
  • Cable and terminal board
  • Simulink Real-Time driver blocks and Simulink test models

Speedgoat configures the Xilinx Spartan 6 chip with the following set of pulse train capture and generation functionality:

  • PWM: 3 channels for PWM signal generation (asymetric, symetric, centered, single-phase, multi-phase, deadband compensation) and frequency-modulated pulse trains
  • CAP: 3 channels for measuring pulse duration, period duration, and PWM duty-cycle
  • QAD: 3 channels for quadrature decoding of incremental encoder sensor inputs
  • INT: 1 interrupt such as for synchronization with analog I/O channels
  • DIO: 40 generic digital I/O lines

Custom FPGA design concepts
You can develop your own FPGA designs using the Education FPGA Development Guide for Simulink Real-Time which includes step-by-step instructions, VHDL code examples, and Simulink blocks for FPGA bitstream-download and FPGA application interaction.

I/O subsystem
I/O module 32-bit 33MHz I/O module with 64 TTL lines for PWM, CAP, ENC, and DIO. Including reconfigurable FPGA to develop and implement custom FPGA functionality.
Direction I/O lines individually programmable as inputs or outputs in groups of two
V-out-high 3.8V minimum
V-out-low 0.55V maximum
I-out-high -32mA
I-out-low 32mA
V-in-high 3.5V minimum
V-in-low 1.5V maximum
Code modules Fixed Speedgoat FPGA Code Modules for PWM, capture, quadrature decoding, interrupt, negation, and generic digital I/O.
Drivers Speedgoat tools and drivers for Simulink Real-Time
Test models Simulink test models
V-out-high 3.8V minimum
Terminal block Terminal block with 64 terminals. Can either be placed on a desk or mounted on a DIN rail. The terminal block allows signal wires to be easily connected.
Cable Round shielded 1.82m (6ft) 68-pin I/O cable with male connectors at both ends
Documentation Documentation is provided for the I/O module, the FPGA Code Modules, and driver blocks for PWM, Capture (CAP), Quadrature Decoding (QAD), Interrupt (INT), Negation (NEG), and generic digital I/O (DIO).

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