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With the Motion Control FPGA package and the additional Education FPGA Development Kit for Simulink Real-Time the Education real-time target machine also allows you to design and implement your own VHDL code to run on that same FPGA-based (Xilinx Virtex-II) I/O module. With this you can further enhance motion control functionality by designing your own VHDL FPGA code modules.

In its most general use case you can develop and implement any type of VHDL code functionality and use the Education real-time target machine as a real-time testing platform for a VHDL/FPGA centric design project. Speedgoat provides the necessary Simulink / Simulink Real-Time blockset with a VHDL project template showing the complete path from VHDL code to simulation, to synthesis, to bitstream generation, and to downloading the design onto the FPGA module. To use this functionality, knowledge in VHDL programming as well as Xilinx ISE and ModelSim software tool use is required. The ISE and ModelSim software tools are not part of the package delivered by Speedgoat.

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