Performance real-time target machine - Expandability

In addition to the I/O modules mounted within the housing of the Performance real-time target machine, more can be used by the addition of up to two expansion units:

Model name Additional I/O slots provided
Performance-IOExpansion-16PCI/2PCIe 16 PCI and 2 PCIe

The I/O modules in the expansion units are detected and usable as if they were plugged into the Performance real-time target machine itself.

The Performance real-time target machine and the expansion unit are connected via a high-bandwith, low-latency Infiniband® link. This uses a 1m (39") flexible, small-diameter copper cable. Access latency to the I/O modules is increased by only 10% compared to with I/O modules plugged directly into the Performance real-time target machine itself.

Each expansion unit requires one PCIe I/O slot of the Performance real-time target machine.

If you need to install more I/O modules than are possible with two expansion units please contact Speedgoat to discuss further options.

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