Speedgoat User Stories

Speedgoat serves high-tech companies world-wide and from a broad range of applications and industries for Controller and Vision Prototyping, Hardware-in-the-Loop simulation, and embedded implementation.

Our customers are engineers developing the next generation of their products.

Aalto University

Students’ mission to get Finland’s first satellite into orbit

Students at Aalto University are developing the first Finnish spacecraft, a low-cost nanosatellite, which will allow universities and small companies to develop their own space systems and instruments, and to perform leading-edge space science.

“The cost of setting up and using a HIL solution is very low compared to performing all ADCS tests with a physical test setup emulating the orbit environment” Tuomas Tikka, Aalto University

AGCO Fendt

Automated testing of tractor controllers using Hardware-in-the-Loop test benches

AGCO Fendt are using Speedgoat Hardware-in-the-Loop rack systems together with Simulink Real-Time to automate and enhance the testing of complete software systems for tractors.

“Speedgoat systems offer state of the art performance with application level support included, enabling detailed modeling of the tractor environment for ECU testing and development” Mr. Weinbuch, AGCO Fendt

The University of Alabama

Critical infrastructure monitoring and control using real-time hybrid simulation

The University of Alabama researches critical infrastructure monitoring and control using real-time hybrid simulation to give vital information under disastrous loading conditions like earthquakes and strong wind.

“It is difficult or almost impossible to find one shop for it all, but Speedgoat helped us to accomplish this goal successfully” Wei Song, Ph.D, The University of Alabama


Rapid development of complex controls algorithms for environmental simulation chambers

BINDER shorten time to implement complex algorithms for climate chambers supporting cyclical temperature and alternating climate and temperature profile simulation by 80%.

“With our new rapid control prototyping process we can now complete trials of new control algorithms 80% faster than before” Stephan Pfeiffer, BINDER

Cranfield University

Novel technique improves speed and accuracy of micrometer scale precision CNC machine by 40%

Rapid Controller Prototyping at a 54 kHz closed-loop rate supports innovative team at Cranfield University to increase accuracy of micrometer scale precision CNC machines by 40%

“The target machine works flawlessly with the Simulink software and provides me with powerful tools for prototyping and debugging” Jonathan Abir, Cranfield University

ETH Zurich

Efficiently harnessing wind power high above the ground using autonomous kites

University team harnesses wind power at high altitudes, by developing a controller to automatically fly a tethered wing and maximize power output under unstable conditions

“With the combination of Simulink Real-Time and the Mobile real-time target machine from Speedgoat we were able to simulate new control algorithms in the lab and then quickly deploy them on the real hardware with very little effort” Aldo Zgraggen, ETH Zurich


‘Ball on wheel’ demonstrator showcases realtime vision, motor control, and protocols technologies

The School of Business and Engineering in Vaud, Switzerland (HEIG-VD) has developed a ‘Ball on Wheel’ demonstrator to showcase real-time vision motor control on a single platform using EtherCAT and CameraLink protocols

“The complete realization within a Bachelor diploma work was only possible by using automatic code generation from Simulink, and leveraging Simulink RealTime and Speedgoat hardware for real-time simulation and testing” Prof. Dr. Raoul Herzog, HEIG-VD

IMT Information Management Technology

Innovative intensive care ventilator automatically adapts to patient’s conditions

Desktop and real-time simulation and testing leveraging Simulink and Speedgoat real-time target machines enables the interdisciplinary team at IMT to rapidly design and test complex adaptive algorithms for intensive care ventilators and other controls applications

“Rapid prototyping with Speedgoat products helps us to keep costs down by enabling problems to be identified early in the development proces” Mr. van der Staay, IMT

Levant Power

A ground-breaking active suspension system to transform the driving experience

Levant Power’s multidisciplinary engineering team aims to bring to volume production a revolutionary, fully active vehicle suspension system, which makes use of advanced software and innovative energy harvesting techniques for profound performance gains.

“With limited resources as a start-up, the time to get things working is really key. Speedgoat excelled for us.” Zack Anderson, Levant Power


Driving technology towards a fully autonomous vehicle

Mobileye are using Speedgoat products to help bring new technologies for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, such as on-highway lane following, and collision warning, to mainstream production to improve safety and driver comfort.

“With the Speedgoat system, changing parameters and tuning the system is very easy and straightforward. It saves us a lot of time. There’s no need to re-compile and burn each new version of the control algorithm.” Mr. Bagon, Mobileye


Zero-emission battery electric bus charges at on-route bus stations

Proterra is using SG/MW solutions to rapidly test and continuously improve next generation vehicle management, powertrain, and energy storage controls technology using a HIL setup.

“I feel that Speedgoat has certainly developed a plug-and play real-time platform for Simulink. For us, that translates into more time testing our control systems and less time developing a HIL bench” Joaquin Reyes, Proterra

SuperGrid Institute

An efficient and compact power converter to enable the supergrids of the future

The team at SuperGrid Institute have used Rapid Controller Prototyping to develop a new highly efficient and compact DC-DC power converter - an enabling technology for future supergrids which will allow greater use of renewable energy sources

“The transition from design model to real-time software was very fast thanks to the complete compatibility between MATLAB & Simulink and Speedgoat.” Mr. Dworakowski, SuperGrid Institute

Villanova University

Students compete at international level with a state-of-the-art autonomous robotic boat

Students at Villanova University are developing a boat that uses a fused LIDAR/video vision system as the primary means of making navigational decisions to compete in international competitions

“Data logging & monitoring capabilities have proved invaluable for debugging.” Anderson Lebbad, Villanova University

Wind Technologies

New drivetrain for wind turbines dramatically decreases lifetime capital costs

Wind Technologies are using Speedgoat products to control innovative new wind turbine generators. Their technology offers dramatic cost savings and reliability improvements, but requires a complex control system.

“The ability to easily and effectively transfer code from Simulink to the Speedgoat real-time target machine has resulted in a significant time saving over the course of the project.” Ehsan Abdi, Wind Technologies

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