Company founders

Martin Stoller

From 2001 through December 2007, Martin was employed at MathWorks in Switzerland and was responsible for Marketing and Operations. Before that time, Martin worked at various companies in Risk Management and Software development. From 2007 he grew Speedgoat together with Michael Vetsch. Since January 2012 Martin acts as the CEO of Speedgoat. Martin has a university degree in economics, with a focus on Marketing and Human Resources, and gained in-depth technical knowledge about real-time testing over the years.

Michael Vetsch

From 1999 through May 2006 Michael was employed at MathWorks' headquarters in Boston as Development Manager for MathWorks' real-time rapid-prototyping products, namely xPC Target. During this time, Michael initiated and grew the xPC Target development group and was heavily involved in the world-wide marketing, sales, and application engineering activities. For the design and development of MathWorks' only hardware product, the xPC TargetBox®, Michael played the leading role. In the period from 1994 to 1999 Michael founded two high-tech companies in the domain of real-time computing products and services of which both where eventually acquired by MathWorks end of 1998. Before that time, Michael worked at various technical universities as a lecturer and researcher in the domain of control systems, simulation techniques, and real-time computing. Since January 2012 Michael is working again at the MathWorks' headquarters in Boston as real-time testing consulting engineer, and as such also acts as the link for the close partnership between MathWorks and Speedgoat.

Reto Albertini

From 2000 through August 2006, Reto was employed at MathWorks as Managing Director of MathWorks' Swiss office. There he directed the local sales, marketing, applications engineering, and tech-support staff. Before and beginning in 1994 he worked in senior roles at various Swiss distributors for the MathWorks product family until 2000 when MathWorks opened its own office in Switzerland. Before that Reto worked for various companies as a senior sales team member. Reto isn't working at Speedgoat but consults the company in various aspects.

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